Promotional Products – How to Use Them?

Any business owner would think about marketing their brand one way or the other. It is the backbone of the success of a business. And the effectiveness of the marketing largely determines the kind of edge you’ve got over such competition. But you need to keep in mind that your competitor is also using the same marketing strategy that you do. In order to get that edge and be different – like being on top, it might be in the best interest of your brand to leave the mainstream and try something different or even do something unusual for a change, especially when it comes to marketing.


While giving away promotional products is not such an unusual approach since every business is doing it, there are ways that you can entice your customers to look your way by making your promotional items unique. Here are various ways you can use the promotional items to your advantage.


Use them at work


The first in the market that you provide your promotional products to are your employees. This can be done by giving them promotional items that can be worn such as branded shirts during work. Customers will likely inquire about the services you offer if they see a visible reminder of what you do. And if the product line is something that your employees are able to use during work, use it. Make sure that you hand out also promotional material during team building events wherein it involves your employees.


Give promotional products to your customers


You can never deny it – everyone certainly loves freebies. So make sure that you use this to your advantage. After you have generated interest which is by wearing the promotional items at work, get these items on to the hands of the customers. There are lots of ways to utilize this. You can give out various custom printed t-shirts, jackets, bumper stickers and even duffle bags from a few of the most common items given away.


You shouldn’t focus on targeting customers that show up at the premises of your business. You should also target your followers on social media, too. When customers show appreciation and love for the promotional products you offer, 2 things are highly likely to happen. One is that they turn into amazing advocates of your products and services. Two, they will remain loyal to the brand for many years to come.


Give promotional products to the Sales Team


Your promotional products can also be used to motivate the sales team. Set the sales targets and also when a particular sales person reaches a goal; give her or him something as a reward, like a branded jacket. When you do this, you are hitting 2 targets at once, and this is the sales crew works harder in marketing your product since they stand to gain with it. Also the promotional items they wear can be pitched in and even do its own advertising as well.