Secret tools that Apple uses to repair iPhone 5s


When the iPhone was first launched in 2007, it invoked a lot of controversies over the fact that it lacked the repairing option. Yes, it was true then that only people working in Apple or are employed at the iPhone repair service centre had the capability to repair it. A shocking fact was also that it did not have a removable battery. It has been 10 years since then and still after so many updates and technological development iPhone remains difficult to tinker with apart from those from the brand’s company.

Pictures have been revealed by the officials of the company of the little tools created by the company to make iPhone repair easier for the models 5s and 5c. This has also invoked curiosity among people to understand the usage of the tools and their working in the repairing of the phones. The different tools that have been used help in battery removal, speaker replacement, and SIM ejector etc.

The Apple’s official guide tells to use scissors to cut the adhesive strip of the battery and then slowly pull the adhesive out from underneath the battery. After the adhesive has been slowly pulled out, a small stick with a pin point end is then used to lift the battery so that the battery can be removed. Then a small tool is used named iPhone Battery Fixture is used to fix the battery and the adhesive at the right position at the right angle. The adhesive and battery are kept in position and placed under the Battery fixture tool, and the lever of the tool is pulled down, the battery fixture puts the right amount of uniform pressure and rolls over the battery fixing the battery along with the adhesive in the iPhone when required.

People at the Apple service centres are able to remove total 7 components at the service stations and either repair or replace it if its working is hampered. The seven components are namely the speaker, the receiver, vibration motor, iSight camera module, battery, SIM ejector module, and the screen or display. It has also been suggested by them that replacing the speaker is the easiest of all, and is pretty straightforward. The speaker component is unscrewed with the help of a screw driver and the replaced with a new one which is again screwed back in the place.

It has been noticed that the SIM ejector is that part of the phone that helps to insert and remove the SIM from the SIM slot of the phone. For iPhone repair, it is also considered as that part of the phone that fails often and can require replacement or repair on a regular basis. The removal of the SIM ejector is the easiest and just requires the use of a pair of tweezers. The article depicts a few components of the iPhone 5s and 5c that can be removed and replaced in the service centres by the Geniuses at the Apple.


How can HP Ink Cartridges be differentiated from regular cartridges?


The latest invention in the present world is the HP ink cartridges NZ. Yes, it is a great invention in the present time. It has solved maximum problems within a short period. Most of the big business houses and other working places have started relying on these types of cartridges to carry out their works. There was a time when people had very limited options and to do a single work lot of time were wasted. All this however changed with the invention of advanced machineries and devices.  There is a great difference between a regular cartridges and a high-quality cartridge.

Difference in size:

There is a great difference between both of them. Generally it is seen that the HP cartridges are bigger in size while the regular ones are comparatively smaller in size. This is the main difference that exists between the two. This is the only way by which one can do bulk work in a very short time. The advanced types of cartridges have helped modern man to a great extent.

Types of prints:

It has also been observed that the regular cartridges provide normal prints, but if anyone uses good quality cartridges then the print is of very high-quality. This is the only reason why most of the people usually opt for the HP cartridges for getting good prints. The prints are highly clear and specific in all aspects.

Cost per page:

The cost per page of regular printers is much lower than the prints that are done by the HP cartridges. Even due to the high cost most of the people try to take their prints through the HP cartridges. The cost taken is quite reasonable at the same time. There are many shops or places that provide this type of cartridges for getting their work done.

Buying of good quality cartridges:

There are several options by which a person can buy such cartridges. However, in most of the cases it is seen that there are many people who prefer to buy high-quality through online mode and that is far better. So average people buy HP Cartridges through online sites and that is far better and flexible in all aspects. So there is ample difference that exists between the two. The high-quality cartridges are always better than the ordinary ones.

The invention or emergence of HP cartridges has really lowered the workload of many people. It has increased the efficiency of work to a good extent. So the invention of new devices and equipments are really like a boon. The difference between the two mainly exists in terms of performance and cost. The performance level is far better than the regular ones. They are quite steady and faster in all respects. Time has changed and with this changing time there has been an immense development in the field of science and technology. It has facilitated numerous people out of this. So the change is really good and amazing in each and every aspect.