Types Of Architect

So you have decided on making your project and you know that you will need an architect to design the thing. But what many people don’t realize is that there isn’t just one type of architect, there are actually various kinds of architects. If you are in need of one, then architects North Shore is at your service to help you out with your project. You should always hire an architect according to your project needs. Here are those types of architects

Residential Architect

Look around and see the kind of residential buildings which are spread all over the town. They all are seemingly identical to each other after a kind of standardizations which has followed the industrial revolution of the past. But there are still some places and neighborhoods where customized residences are still in trend. If you too want to build your home, but in your style, then hiring a residential architect will beneficial. A residential architect will make sure to look at the functional and spatial requirements before they begin to design the plans, elevations, and layouts. They also estimate the cost of services and materials along with the time, which will be needed to complete the construction.

Interior Architect

These architects are involved in the designing and styling of an office, restaurant or apartment. Suffice to say architects in this field need to have an artistic sense along with the technical knowledge. If you also need to design the inside of your condo then make sure that the interior architect you hire has good knowledge of colors, fabrics, materials and of furniture design. Although there are many architects who don’t like to get involved with the detailed interior work while some do. So while hiring one make sure you put forth your needs.

Commercial Architect

A well-designed building is extremely aesthetically pleasing to look at. But the functionality of the building varies a lot depending upon the type of building behind made. Commercial buildings like shopping malls are based on a self-guiding and flowing circulation so that people don’t get lost. It’s the job of the commercial architect to make that happen. They specialize in non-residential buildings and this skill also needs construction, engineering, and artistic qualities.

Landscape Architect

If your project involves outdoor spaces like parks, neighborhoods, gardens, campuses and such then what you need is a landscape architect. Their job is to design these spaces as engaging, efficient and also harmonious. They decide on the materials, location, greenery and such to create the best.

Green Design Architect

Climate change is an issue which has been bothersome for decades and the results of which can be slowly seen in our daily lives. This is where green design architects have become important. These architects are responsible for coming up with energy efficient and economical friendly architectural designs. They work continuously on innovating and improving green designs. If your project is something which is more geared towards this area than hiring a green design architect will beneficial. They are well versed in ways which leave minimal impact on the environment.

Different kinds of architects are needed according to the project at hand. But there are architects who have general knowledge of all these fields and are available for small projects as well. Choose according to your needs.

How can you take care of your natural hair?


Hair is something that makes us look good and unique from others. People nowadays, care a lot about their style and fashion, but one thing that they forget taking care of is their hair. If you do not take care of your hair, then you will probably end up losing all of it and become a bald head. One thing that you should keep in mind is that if you maintain your hair on a daily basis, you will not have to worry about it in the future. Maintaining your hair is simple if you have an idea of how to do it.


People do not have any kind of idea on how they can take care of their hair and this is the reason we have listed down all the simple things that you will have to follow if you want to take care of your hair. Irrespective of your hair being long or short, all these steps will help you save your hair.


  • The first thing that almost everyone does incorrectly is to wash their hair. It is recommended that you always use a good quality shampoo to wash your hair from all the dirt and sand. Make sure that you don’t end up washing your hair too often or else all the natural oils and nourishment will be gone from the hair causing damage to the hair. It is recommended that you wash your hair every alternate day if you go out on a daily basis. You can wash twice a week if you end up staying indoors most of the time.


  • Choosing a shampoo plays a very important role. If you are planning to get a shampoo for yourself, make sure to keep your hair type in mind. Always use products that suits your head instead of using products that are advertised by a big movie star.


  • Using hair products is something that can be tricky for people. Hair products could be good for your hair, but it can also end up causing a lot of damage to your hair. It is recommended that you start with a simple serum and if you find that the product is not causing hair fall and is keeping your hair soft then you can use it on a daily basis.


  • Apple cider vinegar is useful when it comes to keeping your hair healthy. It is a bit acidic in nature and helps to clean all the dirt from your hair. It is recommended that you use apple cider vinegar to clean your hair once every month. This will help you to keep your hair clean and also treat problems like dandruff.


These are the simple steps that everyone could follow to take care of their hair. It is important to maintain your hair so that it doesn’t end up falling at an early age because of lack of nourishment. A well-maintained hair reduces the chance of hair fall for everyone.