Photo Booth Hire Auckland


Photo Booth Hire Auckland is a premier hire a company that has been offering its premier service since 2009.  You can hire a photo booth for any event, including corporate events, weddings, school balls, promotions, and children’s parties. The company offers a range of quality and designer booths that can give you the most exciting moments and instant photos. The company can offers booths for any large or small events.

When you hire photo booth at Auckland, then you can relax as they take their job very seriously and make your event the most memorable and exciting one to the entire guests.  At Auckland, you can hire the latest and most stylish designed photo booths for your events. The booths are designed by professional designers and award winning photographers. The booths are manufactured in Auckland, and they come with the latest technology in photography and provide the quality printing and offer the best and exciting results.

The Photo Booths at Auckland looks great and offers the quality photograph and makes you look great in your photos. Photo Booths are just the perfect way to make your guests enjoy as they are simple, safe and fun.  The black photo booths have electrically certified for safety, and they congregate at any event place and meet every location standards.

At Auckland, you can find sleek and stylish small booths that are suitable for large ballroom parties to the small home celebrations.

How does the Black Photo Booth work?

One photo booth with one screen and two buttons offers four instant photographs and provides instant prints along with amazing experience and fun time. It is a simple photo booth with it works amazing and offers high-quality printouts.

Photo Booth hires has offered photo booths to over 2000 functions, and it has been offering its amazing services since 2009. The company also considered as the most popular, and it has won PC (People’s Choice) Awards from the Business Events Guide and obtained some outstanding feedback from the users.

All Photo Booths hires come with infinite prints so you can share it with each one of your guests.  The prints include two copies of 6×2 photos or one copy of 6×4 postcard kind prints and allow you to print additional copies.

The photo booth also comes with a range of props that can help your guests enjoy taking a unique and fun photo for a memorable experience.  The company offers exclusive packages, including complete access to digital files and also provides the gallery with online password protection so that you can share the photos with your friends and family quickly using the internet.

The company also has partners so that they can provide special deals and entertainment packages and Moustaches.  You can add a face painter, clown, or a photographer to your photo booth hire.  The package includes Unobtrusive setup, but you should inform before as they can put up the booth 30minutes before the event start. The hire includes a photo booth assistant to make sure every guest gets their time and share of photos and fun.

Why should you buy stainless steel kitchen appliances?


Planning to buy new kitchen appliances for remodelling or upgrading your kitchen? Well, obviously, you will have quite a few things to consider. The price, utility, functionalities, design, colour, etc. are amongst the common factors that people consider when buying appliances for your kitchen. But what about the material used in the making of those appliances? Have you given a thought to it?

Well, though kitchen appliances may be built of different materials depending on the type of appliance and its utility, one of the most favoured materials of make is stainless steel and more and more people are looking to buy stainless steel appliances than others available in the market. So, what makes stainless steel the material of choice of thousands of homeowners across the globe? Well, here are a few advantages of stainless steel that score higher than any other material:


Stainless steel is a heavy performer and is highly resistant to rust, humidity, dirt, grime, scratches, heat, etc. which are quite common in a kitchen. Stainless steel kitchen appliances can easily withstand the effects of the different elements that may damage a kitchen appliance and thus offers high durability that people generally look for. Higher the durability, longer will the appliance last and the lesser would be the expenditure incurred.

Easy maintenance

Unlike other metals or materials, stainless steel doesn’t require much of maintenance. Since they are rust resistant, you needn’t bother about keeping them absolutely dry at all times. They aren’t easily corroded due to acids or harsh chemicals, so you needn’t worry about keeping them far away from these agents. They don’t easily get scratched too; so no worries if you bump against them or they collide with other metal or sharp items.

Germ resistant

Since stainless steel is a non-porous material, there is hardly any chance of bacteria and other germs lurking in the pores of the material. This prevents the unwanted breeding of germs in different kitchen appliances, especially those that come in regular contact with water, air, and food. No germs mean that your family, friends, and pets all stay healthy without a lot of effort.

Aesthetically sound

Another benefit of choosing stainless steel appliances is that they easily blend with different types of kitchen décor – rustic, modern or vintage. All you need is the best choice of size and design that would suit the décor of your kitchen and nothing would match as easily as stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Options galore

Since most people prefer using appliances that are made of stainless steel, manufacturers, too, have produced hundreds and thousands of models of various kitchen appliances that are made of stainless steel. Naturally, when you are looking to buy appliances, choosing ones made of stainless steel would undoubtedly make your task easier and give you a wide range of choice as well.

Easy mix and match

Since appliances made of stainless steel are so popular, it is quite easy to get accessories, spare parts, additions, etc. so that you can personalise them as per your needs.