Choosing the Bride’s engagement ring


The style is an essential factor to be considered while buying the engagement ring. Women prefer designs that are unique and uncommon. Even the ring shape and cuts depend upon their choices. Some prefer normal round cut and some prefer the oval one. Each of the choices specifically determines the choice of the woman.

The style can be considered as according to the finger pattern

The bride’s size and shape of the finger are important for choosing the style and pattern of rings. Each of fingers has its own pattern of ring choice. There are some types of sets that are preferred by women. They are listed below:

  • Claw set: The position and shape of the claws actually affect the height and the look of the engagement ring. For wedding seasons, shared claws are quite a popular type for a band like rings.
  • Grain set: It is a popular form of Art-deco jewelry pattern that has a vintage kind of texture on comparing as a piece of jewelry.
  • Bar set: Bars are basically the set between the sets of the stones for making it have a sparkling effect. The positioning of the stones gives it open look just like a band like a ring. It can be compared close to a channel setting.

Types of engagement ring that leaves some unique message behind

Some women like round cut rings,  this means the woman goes by traditional looks and has an affinity towards vintage looks. Round cut rings give maximum sparkle. Some go for the unique princess cut, it is a modern design that makes it look contemporary. It has a very shiny surface. The emerald cut is also liked by many women, it is a symbol of elegance and beauty redefined. It strikes upon the note of classicism and makes it look very elegant. Some women who go contemporary styles can go for the cushion cut. It is a simple cut that is liked for its brilliant facets. It is liked by those women who want a soft and sleek design yet wants to have a shiny look. Women who want to go for the aesthetic look can think of the oval cut. The shape is very elegant and is a combination of both classy and trendy.

Estimate your budget before buying the engagement ring

Estimating the budget is very important before going for the investment. You may have money and can buy much more karat of gold, but you must understand the preference of your finance before buying them. Budget is an important aspect while dealing with each and everything in our choice. Before buying the engagement ring first talk with the experts that according to your budget what you must buy. Would it be preferable for you to buy a gold ring with solitaire stones or would it be better for you to buy a batch of stones in a ring? The sales expert can surely suggest you about your purchase.